Terms of Sale and Purchasing Agreement

By registering as a customer and purchasing from Thomas Labs (Thomas Labs Direct) you (the purchaser) agree to be bound by the following agreement.

Thomas Labs products are for animal (pets) use only and are not to be given to animals intended for human consumption, i.e. livestock or food stock animals.


This is to certify that the antibiotics and other medications purchased by you (the purchaser) or any company employees will be used only in the appropriate treatment and maintenance of animals and specific to the directions found on the package labeling. You (the purchaser) have the responsibility to educate yourself on, and abide by, the restrictions placed on the sale of antibiotics as "for fish use only", and medications as "for animal use only and not to be given to animals intended for human consumption", and that any antibiotic, or medication, will not be dispensed to any food producing or for slaughter animal by you (the purchaser) unless directed by a Veterinarian per the rulings, procedures, and regulations of the FDA. You (the purchaser) agree not to intentionally divert these chemicals for any other use. For further clarification of the laws governing the proper use of Fish Antibiotics, please call 800-359-8387.

Furthermore, you (the retail end user/ purchaser), agree that the sole responsibility for the treatment of pets with any Thomas Labs product will be yours alone, and that Thomas Labs recommends consultation and care be administered by veterinary professionals for all antibiotics (to be used for pet or ornamental fish only), medications, supplements or dietary changes.

Thomas Labs will not be responsible for any off label use or misuse of our products, including improper dosing, over dosing or allergic reactions. Follow label directions and consult a Veterinarian before starting any antibiotic, medication, supplement or dietary change.

Once purchased by the agreeing customer, Thomas Labs will not be responsible for any re-sale or dispensing of any Thomas Labs product by anyone other than authorized distributors or dealers with express written permission.

Due to ever changing regulations by individual states on the re-sale and use of food additives or supplements, please call toll free 800-359-8387 - or - email [email protected] to make sure the product you are ordering can be purchased for re-sale or use in your state. Thank you.

Further recommendations and product support, including proper use can be found by calling 1-800-359-83871-800-359-8387 or by contacting us through our "Contact Us" page on the website @ thomaslabs.com

Attention Dealers: Thomas Labs does not offer Drop Shipping as an option for purchase or a method of shipping product. All product bought must be shipped directly to the Dealer making the purchase.

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