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What to Consider Before Giving a Pet as a Gift

What to Consider Before Giving a Pet as a Gift

The holidays are right around the corner, which means that it’s almost gift-giving season. Many of us have seen the Hallmark movies where someone receives an adorable puppy or kitten with a red bow around its neck. And they all lived happily ever after. Unfortunately, Hallmark movies don’t always do a great job at portraying reality.

While giving a pet as a gift may seem like a good idea, it’s important to fully consider the decision. Owning a pet is a responsibility and commitment. Here are a few things to consider before giving a dog or cat as a gift to someone.

Pets Are a Commitment

Pets are a long-term commitment. They are not toys that can be returned or forgotten after the holidays are over. Pets require exercise, socialization, annual vet visits, grooming, toys, food, training, and more. All of this requires time, energy, and money.

It’s important to consider the added expenses and time commitment that pets require. You should look at your financial situation ahead of time and see if a pet will fit in your budget. You should also determine who will be taking primary care of the pet. If you have young children, taking care of the pet will probably be your responsibility.


Thinking of adding a puppy to the family for Christmas? For those of us that live in colder areas, it’s important to consider that you’ll be potty training in the cold. And while you may be on board with standing in the cold, your new puppy may not enjoy it, which can make house training more difficult in the long run.

It may be a better idea to wait until the weather warms up to get a pet. At least house training and going for walks will be more enjoyable!

The Holidays Can Be Busy

The holiday season is often packed full of parties, time with family, and travel. If you have holiday travel plans or a bunch of family coming over, it may not be the best time to get a pet. Bringing a pet home can be stressful. Adding 30 loud house guests will be even more stressful for a new pet.

Will you have enough time during the holidays? It’s important to make sure you can give your pet the time and attention they need to smoothly transition into your home. It may be better to wait until the hectic holidays are over to introduce a new pet into your household. Having a regular routine can help a pet settle in and make the transition less stressful for all of you.

Surprises Aren’t Always a Good Thing

When it comes to a new pet, it’s probably not the best idea to make it a surprise gift. You should ensure that the recipient is on board for getting a new pet because of the time, resources, and energy that it requires. Plus, getting a pet is an important personal decision. Certain breeds of dogs and cats align better with different lifestyles, so this is an important factor to consider.

If you’ve considered all of the above and still think it’s the right time to add a pet to your family, then go for it! Pets can be such a blessing if you understand the responsibility and commitment that come with them.

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