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The Benefits of Probiotics for Birds

The Benefits of Probiotics for Birds

People often think of bacteria as bad, but bacteria aren’t always dangerous. In fact, there are naturally occurring microorganisms found in the intestinal tracts of animals and people, and these microorganisms are necessary for normal digestion. They also help with the absorption of essential nutrients, as well as protect against bad bacteria.

Bacterial Imbalance

When humans and animals are living a stress-free and healthy life, these beneficial bacteria are able to function normally and maintain a healthy intestinal tract. However, certain conditions can easily cause bacterial changes and an imbalance of beneficial microorganisms, which can lead to digestive problems.

A bacterial imbalance can result from stress, antibiotic therapy, or a change in diet. An imbalance can result in diarrhea, difficulty in digesting food, vulnerability to disease, and decreased appetite. Most animals like dogs, cats, and birds are subject to stress, plus it can be hard to predict when stress or illness will take place, which means that the disruption of intestinal bacteria can become common.

How Probiotics Can Help

A probiotic contains the beneficial bacteria that are normally found in the intestine. The probiotic helps restore the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract, which means that the bacteria are able to reestablish and maintain a healthy gut.

When Probiotics Can Help

Different times of stress in a bird’s life include breeding, molting, fledging, moving, environmental changes, illness, injury, and more. Giving your bird an avian probiotic during these times can help prevent digestive issues and disease.

It’s also beneficial for birds to receive probiotics during and after antibiotic treatment because antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria, which can lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria.

The use of daily probiotic supplements is becoming popular in the commercial poultry industry, especially after antibiotic treatment. Probiotics for chickens and turkeys can be beneficial by promoting digestive health. Probiotics can also be given to aviary birds and caged birds!

It’s important to consider your bird’s diet and health before offering a probiotic. It’s always a good idea to ask your avian veterinarian for recommendations on supplements.

Acidophilus Forte

When choosing probiotics for birds, it’s important to choose one that is formulated for birds. Acidophilus Forte from Thomas Labs® is a probiotic supplement that is targeted for use in birds. This Lactobacillus probiotic helps promote gut health and optimize bacteria levels in the gut. If you’re looking for an avian probiotic to help support and balance probiotic levels in your bird, give Acidophilus Forte a try!


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