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The Benefits of Brewer's Yeast for Dogs, Horses, Chickens & Ducks

The Benefits of Brewer's Yeast for Dogs, Horses, Chickens & Ducks

What Is Brewer’s Yeast?

Brewer’s yeast comes from a single-celled organism, called Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is used in the production of beer. Brewer’s yeast is a rich source of B vitamins and antioxidants, plus it is high in chromium, potassium, selenium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. These minerals are essential for a variety of functions within the body and overall good health. It is often used as a nutritional supplement and can offer many potential benefits for dogs, horses, chickens, and ducks.

What Are the Benefits of Brewer’s Yeast for Dogs, Horses, Chickens & Ducks?

Because brewer’s yeast with garlic is rich in B vitamins, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants, there are many potential benefits for pets. Brewer’s yeast for pets can improve the skin and coat, help reduce anxiety and stress, promote overall health, support the immune system, and aid with flea and tick control.

Brewer’s yeast can also be very beneficial for chickens and ducks, because it contains a vitamin called Niacin. This essential vitamin plays an important role in the health, growth, and proper bone development of young ducklings and chicks. Without adequate Niacin, ducks and chickens can develop a Niacin deficiency, which can lead to leg deformities and other health issues.

Skin & Coat

Brewer’s yeast with garlic supplements can help maintain and support your pet’s skin and coat. By maintaining normal shedding and providing proper nutrition to pets, these supplements can promote healthier and shinier skin. Many pet owners have found that these supplements help with dry, itchy skin. They can also help protect the skin and reduce excess shedding.

Anxiety & Stress

Because these supplements contain B-complex vitamins, they can help reduce stress and calm nerves. B vitamins are responsible for helping with nerve function and stress management. When animals experience separation anxiety or other types of stress, their bodies use up B vitamins quickly. Because brewer’s yeast with garlic supplements are rich in B vitamins, they can help restore the depleted B vitamins. When the body has a proper balance of B vitamins, the brain doesn’t send a signal to the body to release the hormones that can trigger anxiety.

Flea & Tick Control

Many pet parents find that these dietary supplements are a safe way to help control and repel biting insects, such as fleas and ticks. It’s unknown what exactly drives these biting pests away. According to PetMD, scientists have tried to determine which part of brewer’s yeast gives it a repellent property. Because none of the vitamins or minerals in brewer’s yeast repel ticks and fleas on their own, they think that it may be the result of multiple components working together.

Some think that when these supplements are given daily, the garlic and yeast deter pests by creating an odor that is unpleasant to fleas and ticks. Others think that one of the ingredients, possibly the yeast, gives the blood an unusual taste, which drives the pests away. Whatever the reason, brewer’s yeast for fleas can be an effective solution.

The Use of Garlic

It is important to note that garlic can be beneficial for pets if given in the right form and dosage. Garlic is beneficial for pets because it offers antioxidant qualities, which can help support the immune system. It can also help maintain a healthy digestive tract and help the liver by removing toxins from the blood. Many pet owners worry that garlic is toxic to pets, but these types of supplements have to follow guidelines so that they contain a safe amount of garlic for pets. Pets would have to ingest very high levels of garlic for an extended period of time for it to be detrimental to their health.

Brewer’s Yeast and Garlic for Dogs, Horses, Chickens & Ducks

Because of all the benefits that pets can experience from brewer’s yeast with garlic supplements, Thomas Pet developed Brewer’s Yeast with Garlic Flavoring. This supportive, high-quality formula promotes the overall health of dogs, horses, chickens and ducks. It promotes healthy digestion, maintains healthy skin and a glossy coat, and supports the immune system.

By using an array of helpful ingredients such as B-complex vitamins, selenium, chromium, and vital amino acids, this formula supports energy levels and helps maintain normal shedding to produce a healthy coat. This brewer’s yeast powder also contains garlic, which can have antioxidant and immune-supporting effects for pets.

There are so many health benefits of brewer’s yeast for dogs, horses, chickens and ducks. If you’re looking to promote the overall health of your pet with any of the benefits listed above, Thomas Labs® encourages you to consider a brewer’s yeast with garlic supplement!

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