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Bird and Fish Antibiotics - Using Doxycycline

Bird and Fish Antibiotics - Using Doxycycline

If used properly, bird and fish antibiotics can be very useful against bacterial diseases. Doxycycline is a commonly used antibiotic that can be successful in eliminating certain bacterial infections in birds and fish. Learn more about how doxycycline works and what diseases it can work against!

Bird and Fish Doxycycline - How Doxycycline Works

Doxycycline is commonly prescribed by veterinarians to control bacterial diseases. Doxycycline works by inhibiting bacterial growth and reproduction, which helps to eliminate the bacteria and the infection. This broad-spectrum antibiotic works against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria that often infect aquarium fish and birds.

Fish doxycycline is often prescribed for bacterial diseases in aquariums, such as Fin Rot, Tail Rot, and Mouth Rot, as well as ulcers and sores. It is often put into the tank water; however, it is sometimes administered with food for severe internal bacterial problems.

Bird doxycycline is commonly prescribed for the treatment of Chlamydia infections and is often administered in food or water.

Fish Doxycycline - Fish Doxy

Fish Doxy™ from Thomas Labs® is an antibiotic that exerts a bactericidal action on gram-positive and some gram-negative bacteria in fish. This fish antibiotic is useful for control of some common bacterial diseases in ornamental and aquarium fish, including Septicemia, Mouth Rot, and Fin and Tail Rot. Fish Doxy is available in both powder packets and tablets that can easily be added to your aquarium water.

Doxycycline for Birds - Bird Biotic

Bird Biotic® from Thomas Labs® is a bird antibiotic that is used for systemic and local infections in pigeons, pet birds, and exotic birds. This antibiotic is effective against gram-negative bacteria, as well as some gram-positive bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, and other types of microorganisms. Bird Biotic comes in both tablets and powder packets that can be added to your bird’s drinking water.

Before administering antibiotics to your fish or birds, you should always consult your veterinarian for the diagnosis of diseases and for correct dosage amounts. It’s also important to always thoroughly read product labels and instructions. If you’re not sure where to buy fish antibiotics or perhaps you’re looking for bird antibiotics, check out Thomas Labs®! We carry a variety of antibiotics for both fish and birds.

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The materials and information provided on this website are not intended to replace the medical advice or services of your veterinarian or other pet healthcare professional. Consult your own veterinarian if you have medical questions concerning diagnosis, treatment, therapy, or medical attention.



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