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The Four Digestive Enzymes in Pets

The Four Digestive Enzymes in Pets

Digestive enzymes are crucial for proper digestion because they break down food that your dog or cat eats. These natural enzymes break down different types of food, making the nutrients in the food more available for the body to use.

The Four Digestive Enzymes

Here are the enzymes that aid your pet's digestion:

  • 1. Protease breaks down proteins into amino acids.
  • 2. Amylase reduces carbohydrates into sucrose, lactose, and maltose.
  • 3. Lipase breaks down fats into beneficial fatty acids.
  • 4. Cellulase breaks down vegetables and fibers.

Most pet foods today are heat-processed, meaning that most of the enzymes in the food are destroyed. Plus, these foods are often high in carbohydrates, which means that pets will need more of the enzyme amylase to break down those carbohydrates. But if they aren’t getting those enzymes from their diet, then their bodies are forced to produce more of these needed enzymes. This puts a strain on the digestive system, leading to a weakened immune system, poor digestion, and nutrient malabsorption.

As food travels through your pet's small intestine, the pancreas releases digestive enzymes. Some pets have disorders in which their bodies produce an inadequate amount of digestive enzymes. This is called exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), also known as EPI in dogs and cats. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in dogs and cats leads to maldigestion and malabsorption of nutrients.

Digestive Enzyme Supplements for Dogs & Cats

Supplementing your pet’s diet with digestive enzymes can be very beneficial for your pet’s digestive tract and overall health. Digestive enzymes support the digestion and absorption of food and nutrients, plus they promote a stronger immune system. They can also reduce or stop coprophagia (stool eating) by helping your pet digest the food better, making the stool smell less appealing.

Total Digest - Digestive Enzymes for Dogs & Cats

Total Digest from Thomas Labs® contains the four essential digestive enzymes that your pet needs: protease, amylase, lipase, and cellulase. The protease is found in Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme found in pineapple, which helps break down protein.

This digestive enzyme supplement breaks down the fillers in pet food to support a dog or cat’s digestion, increase absorption of essential nutrients, and promote better overall health. By utilizing the full potential of nutrients found in food, this supplement can support a pet’s skin and coat, immune system, energy level, and ability to maintain a proper weight.

Bio Case PlusTM - Pancreatic Enzymes for Dogs & Cats

Another supplement that contains beneficial digestive enzymes is Bio Case PlusTM. This high-potency, porcine-source pancreatic enzyme powder is designed to support the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and assist in the absorption of nutrients.

If your pet has digestive issues or is eating processed pet food, consider a digestive enzyme supplement!

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