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5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month

5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month

October is National Pet Wellness Month, so it’s a perfect time to learn how you can promote the overall wellness of your pet. This nationwide campaign is sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and Fort Dodge Animal Health. The goal of National Pet Wellness Month is to raise awareness about the pet aging process and to promote pet wellness.

Why You Should Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month

Pets age much quicker than adults. In fact, most dogs and cats reach adulthood by age 2. Because of this, your pet’s health can change very quickly. That’s why it’s important to know what you can do to promote optimal health of your pet. Here are 5 ways that you can help your pet live a long, healthy life!

Schedule Regular Wellness Exams

One of the most important ways that pet owners can ensure their pet is in good health is to take them to the veterinarian for regular wellness exams. The AVMA recommends dogs and cats receive twice-a-year examinations.

There are many benefits of regular vet visits. First, your vet is knowledgeable about the pet aging process. He or she can recommend certain foods, exercises, supplements, and more that will help your pet stay healthy. Second, your vet can look for signs of disease or illness. Detecting diseases early can lead to a more successful treatment and even a longer life expectancy. Third, routine checkups protect your pet from preventable illnesses with the help of vaccinations and preventive medicine.

Promote Dental Health

Dental health is also important! Regular dental cleanings and at-home dental care can help prevent periodontal disease in pets. Periodontal disease can lead to infection and travel to the heart valves, kidneys, and livers where it can cause internal organ damage. Additionally, dental health is closely linked to other diseases and complications, so protecting your pet’s oral health is vital for maintaining overall health.

Watch Your Pet’s Weight

It’s estimated that over half of cats and dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. Pet obesity can place significant stress on the body and lead to a variety of health issues, like diabetes, liver disease, high blood pressure, and osteoarthritis. Plus, it can negatively impact your pet’s quality of life and life expectancy. Managing your pet’s weight through regular exercise and a healthy diet will help promote overall wellness.

Be Familiar with Harmful Household Items

Every year, there are more than 100,000 cases of pet poisoning in the United States. You can help protect your pet by understanding what common items in your home or yard can be potentially toxic to them and taking the proper steps to prevent an incident. Common pet poisons include medications, household cleaners, chemicals, human food, and plants. Being extra cautious and keeping potentially harmful items out of your pet’s reach is crucial.

Spend Time with Your Pet

Interacting with your pet is important for their physical, emotional, and mental health. Pets that don’t receive enough interaction or physical activity may develop bad habits out of boredom. Paying attention to your pet has other benefits, as well. It helps you become familiar with your pet’s normal behaviors, which helps you recognize when your pet isn’t acting normal or feeling well.

Bonus Tip

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Our furry friends depend on us for their safety and health, so it’s important to take steps to promote their health and wellness. National Pet Wellness Month may be celebrated in October, but it’s a lifelong commitment that should be promoted all year long!


The materials and information provided on this website are not intended to replace the medical advice or services of your veterinarian or other pet healthcare professional. Consult your own veterinarian if you have medical questions concerning diagnosis, treatment, therapy, or medical attention.

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