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The Thomas Labs® Brand

The products we manufacture, whether sold under the Thomas Labs® brand or as a well-known private label product in your local pet store, start with a superior formula and the best ingredients. By adhering to this simple concept, Thomas Labs® benefits from the trust we gain from our partners, the users of our products, and the regulatory agencies (FDA, EPA, and others) that regularly inspect our facilities. That trust in our ability and our products is worth every bit of our investment to quality.

You may not be familiar with our name, but you know the products.

For 40 years, a cornerstone of the Thomas Labs® business plan has been manufacturing specially formulated pet health and wellness products for private label brands. Our experience consulting for veterinary practice and producing health-specific supplements for many retail brands quickly grew into an important part of who we are, then and now.

The future of the Thomas Labs® brand is exciting. Along with a new brand identity, we are expanding our commitment to partnering with dealers and distributors, both nationally and internationally. We are also building new sales networks that will bring exclusive products and formulas to internet retail, local market brick and mortar, and big-box retail stores.

For the next 40 years, we will support our best formulas and products, sold exclusively under the Thomas Labs®  brand and manufactured with the best quality ingredients to benefit consumers and the pets they care for.

Look for the Thomas Labs® brand online or in a store near you, or find “Manufactured by Thomas Labs®,” and you can be certain that you have the best product available.

Thomas Labs Brand

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