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In the last four decades, we have seen an explosion of revolutionary technology, therapeutic drugs, and advanced nutritional supplements for use in human medical care. The goal for Thomas Labs® has always been to find what works for the health of humans and successfully apply the benefits to the pets and animals in our care.

In 1978, Steve Thomas, R.Ph, was a practicing pharmacist and consultant for local and national veterinarians who provided service to performance and sporting dog clubs. He realized the advanced joint health, recovery, and nutritional supplement formulas he was developing for working animals would be beneficial to all domesticated animals, including aging and health-compromised pets. At the time, there was little to no research being done to find better health therapies for dogs, cats, fish, and farm animals. With the help of Steve Thomas and Thomas Labs®, that would quickly change. The opportunity to make a real difference in pet health was there, and Thomas Labs took it.

Our Story

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