Milk Replacers & Lactation

A puppy milk replacer benefits newborn puppies, weaning puppies and sick or recovering dogs

Puppy milk formulas, such as a goat milk for dogs substitute, are used to support a dogs immune system, bone & joint development and provide support during the weaning process. Often times newborn puppies do not have access to their own mother's milk, so bottle feeding puppies may be the best and only choice to make sure they get the proper nutrition to survive and thrive.

The best puppy formula can also benefit older and recovering dogs with immune support and optimal nutrition

Sick and recovering pets need the best nutrition and immune support they can get. The balanced nutritional profile of puppy milk replacers, having just the right amount of fats and sugars, is a valuable foundation for older or convalescing dogs to build strength on.  Substituting quality replacement milk for dogs is a great start to keeping them healthy. 

  • Goatalac Milk Replacer

    Goatalac Milk Replacer

    Goatalac is a highly nutritious milk replacer formula for puppies, k... 
    $14.99 –$59.99

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