Breeding, Pregnancy & Newborn

Breeding dogs can be rewarding and is the only way to ensure the lineage, traits and specialized nature of purebred dogs continues to survive.

Like humans, pregnant dogs often times need supplements, neonatal vitamins and specialized pregnant dog care to help maintain the health of the mother and puppies. Dog pregnancy supplements work to ease the stress of the pregnant bitch, smoothly transitioning from the gestation of dogs, to labor and on to the birthing process, fortifying both the mother dogs and new born puppies health and immunity.

Conscientious puppy breeders deeply care for the health of their breeding dogs.

Dog gestation is typically about 9 weeks, or 64 days, and keeping your dog pregnancy on track during that period can be helped by following a dog breeding guide and using Thomas Labs pregnant dog’s supplements and vitamins. We have been the #1 choice with dog breeders for over 30 years.

  • Bitch Pills

    Bitch Pills

  • Breed Heat

    Breed Heat

    Breed Heat  is an herbal-based formula designed to promote the female dog or cat's health before... 
  • Mr Stud

    Mr Stud

    Mr Stud uses a variety of beneficial herbs to support and increase th... 
    $16.99 –$29.99
  • Red Raspberry

    Red Raspberry

    Red Raspberry Leaves Syrup is a supplement that uti... 
  • Mega Cal

    Mega Cal

    Mega Cal is a high calorie formula designed to help... 
    $11.99 –$49.99
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