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Since 1978, Thomas Labs® has been a trusted partner for pet owners, veterinarians, and breeders. We provide safe, effective pet supplements and other high-quality solutions for dogs, cats, and birds. Our products are rooted in extensive industry knowledge, scientific research, and holistic approaches.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple—to improve the lives of pets and the people who care for them. Thomas Labs® provides high-quality, easy-to-use products and innovative solutions to improve the health and well-being of pets.

Our Brands

We accomplish our mission through our Thomas Labs®, ThomasVet™, and ThomasPet™ brands, providing veterinary partners and pet owners with the easy-to-use products they need now, as well as continued innovation they can rely on in the future.

Our Values

  • • Compassionate Care: For over 40 years, our passion and compassion for pets and their owners have been the driving force in everything we do.
  • • Innovative Solutions: We use the latest scientific research in both traditional and integrative medicine to formulate truly unique, effective, and easy-to-give products.
  • • Pet Owner Confidence: We offer pet owners peace of mind and confidence that they are purchasing high-quality, effective supplements formulated to improve the lives of pets. 
  • • Trusted Partner: We view our customers as true partners in animal health, by working with them to provide their customers with the solutions necessary to meet their pets’ needs.

Call Thomas Labs at 1-800-359-8387, or email info@thomaslabs.com for information.

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