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Dear Pet Owner,

The pet health industry has made great improvements the past 20
years, but even with these advancements, there still is not a “pet health
product specialist” like a pharmacist for humans. As a pharmacist for
animals these many years, I am still noticing the lack of pet health
education. This is the reason I have directed my experience and
education to formulating natural, high quality and unique pet health
supplements to bring pet health into the 21st century.

Drugs and chemicals have been used for many years in pet health
and have been shown to be most effective when used short-term, but
they do have toxic side effects when used on a long-term basis. A new
age of natural pet health is just beginning. An era of improved health
knowledge for the growing pet population is dawning, where natural
supplements will prove to be much better alternative to many drugs or

As animals age, important nutrients necessary for health and proper
function decreases. This is one of many reasons, in my view, supplements
are so necessary. With the lack of pet health education, a person
simply cannot design a diet for himself or his pet that will provide every
nutrient needed for true health and wellness without supplementation.
Without supplementation of basic nutrients, a whole host of problems
can develop that cannot be solved within the traditional healthcare

I hope that my natural products, made with many new ingredients, will
help bring a new awareness to pet owners of what can be accomplished
with the use of "long, healthy life" supplements.

Thank you for your interest in my products and I look forward to
working with many of you to provide quality healthcare, the natural way,
for the pet, performance and farm animal.


Steve Thomas, R.Ph.
President and Owner


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