Bio Case Pro V - Digestive Enzyme Supplement for Pets

Digestive enzyme supplements for dogs and cats, with added Vitamin B-12 and Probiotics to help aid in the proper digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Digestive enzymes for dogs build strength and vitality through better nutrient absorption and a healthy digestive process. help your pet gain weight and stay strong.
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Digestive enzyme formula for dogs and cats

A beneficial digestive enzyme concentrate, made from whole porcine pancreas, with added Vitamin B-12 and Probiotics to aid in the digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins for dogs and cats. Bio Case ProV is used for dogs and cats with serious enzyme deficiency or condition that requires active enzyme supplementation at every feeding. 

For maintenance strength Enzyme Supplementation, Thomas Labs Enzyme Pro is an excellent choice. Please consult a veterinarian about what strength enzyme supplement is best for your pet.

The inability to properly digest food due to the lack of natural digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas is found frequently in some breeds of dogs.

Supplemental enzyme therapy, in the form of whole live pancreas derivatives, has been shown to be the best course of action for animals that cannot digest their food thoroughly due to pancreatic enzyme deficiency. However, due to the overall poor absorption of essential nutrients and vitamins that inherently goes with this deficiency, blood levels of vitamin B-12 may also be low. The addition of Vitamin B-12, with intrinsic factor present, will help with this condition. Thomas Laboratories has also added Probiotics (lactobacillus) to this stabilizing formula to promote a healthy, stable bacteria level in the digestive tract, helping to reduce stomach upset and loose stool.

* Note-  The Bio Case Pro V, in capsule form, has less enzyme strength and activity per dose comapred to BioCase Pro V in powder form. Please be sure you speak to your Veterinarian and get advice on what strength of enzymes will best suit your situation.*


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Bio Case Pro V w/ intrinsic factor 12 - 8oz Powder
SKU: 110-0150-P01

$74.95 (USD)
Bio Case Pro V w/ intrinsic factor 12 - 20oz Powder
SKU: 110-0150-P05
Old price:  $181.95 (USD)
$169.95 (USD)
Bio Case Pro V w/ intrinsic factor 12 - 180 Capsules

Each capsule has enzyme activity and strength of: 

Lipase - 9,042 USP 

Protease- 71,925 USP

Amylase- 73,980

This product is meant for digestive health maintenance

SKU: 110-0150.C05

$45.95 (USD)
Product reviews
Bio Case Pro V works in combating the loss of vitamin B-12
"My 10 year old female German shepherd has EPI.  She has been on regular Bio Case V for many years which has provided the excellent enzyme supplement she needs to digest her food.  Recently researchers have realized that dogs with EPI, even though their enzyme needs are met with supplements, are losing vitamin B-12, which among other things produces loose or runny poop.  Before Thomas Laboratories developed Bio Case Pro V, my veterinarian had prescribed monthly injections of vitamin B-12 to combat the loss of vitamin B-12. Prior to the B-12 injections the only thing that controlled the runny loose poop syndrome was Metronidazole. As soon as Bio Case Pro V was introduced I started my dog on it and a recent vitamin B-12 exclusive blood test showed that now my dog had excess vitamin B-12, and my veterinarian cut our injection dosage in half now that we were using Bio Case Pro V.  Even with the reduction of the injection dose with the use of Bio Case Pro V we have not had any bouts with runny poop."

Stuart K.

Response from Thomas Labs : "Excellent Stuart! That is exactly what we hope happens for any pet that needs enzyme supplements to help control digestive problems. While Bio Case Pro V is not specifically labeled to treat EPI (Endocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, we are happy it is working for you and your German Shephard dog."

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