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Bird Sulfa™ - Sulfamethoxazole

Picture of Bird Sulfa™ - Sulfamethoxazole
Bird Sulfa - 60 count Control of non-specific bacterial infections in pet birds, exotic birds or racing pigeons.

$27.95 (USD)

Brewers Yeast & Garlic

Picture of Brewers Yeast & Garlic
An excellent source of B-Complex vitamins, Selenium, Chromium and Amino Acids, used to promote proper digestive function, immune support, a lustrous coat and to reduce shedding.

From $8.95 (USD)

Cock Booster

Picture of Cock Booster
Natural herb, vitamin and mineral supplement formulated to balance the nutritional requirements of exotic birds and racing pigeons.

$13.95 (USD)

Hot Pick - Topical Anti-Pick spray for birds.

Picture of Hot Pick - Topical Anti-Pick spray for birds.
A topical anti-pick spray made of herbs and spices used to deter feather plucking and excessive preening in exotic birds.

$10.95 (USD)

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Bird Biotic - Doxycycline Antibiotic