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D/Earth Plus- Nature's Shield

Picture of D/Earth Plus- Nature's Shield
An oral supplement of diatomaceous earth and other natural ingredients used to shield pets from biting and blood-sucking pests.

From $12.95 (USD)

Fel-O-Lysine (Lysine for cats)

Picture of Fel-O-Lysine (Lysine for cats)
Highly palatable immune support for cats. Supports immune system function, collagen formation, tissue repair, antioxidant activity and antibody lymphocyte production.

From $11.95 (USD)


Picture of Fel-O-Taurine
Taurine helps maintain electrolyte balance, promotes cardiovascular health and gastrointestinal function, and is known to be essential for cats.

$13.95 (USD)

Pet-A-Zyme - Allergy

Picture of Pet-A-Zyme - Allergy
An enzyme based supplement for animals to help control allergies associated with inflammation, diet, and digestion.

$13.95 (USD)

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Diatomaceous Earth from Thomas Labs